Alvaro Tomas Ferrer asked 9 months ago


i’ve been browsing your web for quite a bit but i cant manage to find the annual price of your trust seal. To be honest is quite paradoxical that the price is not clearly stated when we are talking about trust across the website. Is there any reason for this ?

Could you help me with that please ?

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mercedes Staff replied 9 months ago

Buenos días,

Muchas gracias por su pregunta.

Le explico: El sistema, por ahora, es gratuito. Cuando salgamos al mercado oficialmente, ofreceremosuna suscripción modal (abarcando desde planes gratuitos hasta 30 euros al mes). Todos los clientes que se hayan suscrito antes de eso podrán disfrutar de otro año de suscripción gratuita.

Espero haber resuelto su pregunta. Si tiene alguna otra, no dude en volver a preguntar por aquí.


mercedes Staff replied 9 months ago

Good afternoon,

Thank you for your question.

I will explain that: The system, for now, is free. When we do our official launch, we will offer a free subscription (from freemium plans up to 30 euros per month). All the clients that have subscribed before that will have another free year subscription.

I hope I resolved your question. If you have any other concern, do not hesitate to contact us again through the support forum.

Kind regards,