No envía correo de verificación en el proceso de alta.

Buenas, estoy dando de alta una cuenta ( y he indicado el email (, me indica que ha enviado el enlace de verificación a dicho email, pero no acaba de llegar, he picado en «Reenviar» y tampoco me llega.

He comprobado todas las carpetas pero no me llega a ninguna de ellas, incluida la de Spam.

Por favor a ver si alguien me puede decir que está pasando, gracias.

Lo que necesitas saber sobre los Rich Snippets y cómo obtenerlos

¿Qué son los Rich Snippets?

Solían utilizarse para que pudieras obtener estrellas mostradas en los resultados de Google simplemente agregando un trozo de código a tu tienda online. Este fragmento de código se llama «Rich Snippet». Pero no solo eso, hay Rich Snippets para todo tipo de cosas. Piensa en eventos, productos, información de la empresa, comentarios, etc. El propósito de Google con los Rich Snippets es complementar el tema de una página específica de una manera accesible para los motores de búsqueda. Pueden proporcionar una página de producto con información sobre el producto, como el precio y el stock del producto. Esta información se muestra en los resultados de búsqueda.

(Por ejemplo: un sitio web con recetas de cocina puede proporcionar a la página el tiempo de preparación de una receta y cómo calificaron otros visitantes la receta por medio de un Rich Snippet. Por lo tanto, los Rich Snippet están específicamente diseñados para proporcionar información adicional al sujeto de una página relevante).

¿Sigue siendo útil colocar un código de rich snippet en mi tienda online?

Absolutely! While you won’t get any more stars from it in Google, it still has some use. With rich snippets other search engines, such as Bing, can still index the stars and you help Google understand where to find reviews about your company. This allows you to still get stars in other places such as in the ‘Google Business’ results that often appear when you search for your company name.

So, by activating the option “rich snippets via the TrustProfile sidebar” (explained below), review information is structurally transmitted to search engines such as Google. Google just no longer uses this information for star display. It remains useful to activate this option, as other search engines can still display stars and Google can use the information within its algorithm!

When will stars still appear in the search results?

There are still possibilities to get stars in the search results, but the stars must really be about the subject of the page. For example, if you have collected reviews for a certain product and display them on your website, this product still has a chance* of stars. The member page at TrustProfile will also continue to display stars in the search results, because we display reviews about you on one of our sites.

(heavily dependant on algorithms from Google*)

How do you get the rich snippets on your webshop?

You can easily activate the rich snippets via the Sidebar / Javascript integration. If you already have the sidebar active, you can easily activate the rich snippet integration with the following steps:

  • Login to the dashboard with your personal login
  • Click Promotion in the menu and choose Sidebar
  • Find the heading ”RICH SNIPPET VIA JSON-LD” and check the box “Enable rich snippet”
  • Click on Save

The rich snippet code is now active. On pages again our rich snippet code can conflict with, for example, the rich snippet code of your product reviews, our rich snippet code is not loaded.

Conflicting Code Detection

You do not have to worry that our sidebar will cause conflicts with, for example, product reviews on a product page. The sidebar itself automatically detects whether there is already a conflicting code on the page. If that is the case, the sidebar will not load rich snippet code and the code already present on your webshop is leading.

Alternatives to installation

An alternative is to place the rich snippets via one of our modules. For example, you can activate the rich snippet code via our TrustProfile modules for Magento, Opencart, Prestashop, WordPress and Shop page via our module and it will then appear on your webshop with an HTML code.

If for some reason you do not want to use our sidebar or modules, you can also place the rich snippet code manually via HTML. Although we advise against this method, you will find the correct HTML code in the TrustProfile dashboard. We do not recommend this method, because every time you get a review the static HTML code becomes outdated and you have to periodically update it manually.



Test the correct placement of the Rich Snippet code

To test the correct operation you can use the Rich Results test from Google.

1. Enter the URL of the page you want to test (for example or in the “URL” field.
2. Click on “TEST URL”
3. When you see green text with a green check mark (Page is eligible for rich results), everything is set correctly.


CCV Shop integration

Trust profile & reviews for your CCV Shop?


With the TrustProfile integration you can collect reviews in no time and display them easily with our interactive displays. With the TrustProfile sidebar for example, you can display the collected reviews without the visitor having to leave your shop.

For all TrustProfile users the CCV Shop module automatically invites customers to share their customer experience. With each completed order, an invitation is automatically sent to the customer inviting him to share his customer review. This is how you increase the trust and conversion of your webshop.

CCV Shop show sidebar and send review invites

Installing TrustProfile and collecting reviews on CCV Shop is easy. This can be done in 2 steps. First activate the CCV Shop module and then place the HTML codes for the widget and the banners.

Activate the CCV Shop module
1. First you claim your TrustProfile account.
2. Login to your CCV Shop webshop.
3. Go to the App Store and install the TrustProfile app.
4. Select your shop. Fill in your personal shop ID + API code. Which are available in our dashboard in the installation menu.
5. Configure the module to your own preferences.

Product reviews for your webshop via TrustProfile

Product reviews help you stand out in Google and Google Shopping. It also reduces the amount of product return requests you receive and increases conversion rates of visitors of your webshop to actual buyers.

Product reviews are shown in Google

To activate this feature, you can login to your dashboard and navigate to ‘ratings’ > ‘product reviews’. Note that additional costs are applied for this service and you must be sending out review requests (link reviews?) via our system. Product reviews are not available for every type of webshop software, before activating make sure to check the list of available software displayed on the ‘product reviews’ page in your dashboard.

Easily activated in your dashboard

Once activated your regular review requests should now also contain product data, this allows your customers to, in addition to reviewing your webshop, review the products they have purchased.

Once product reviews are gathered, they will appear under ‘ratings’ > ‘product reviews’ and ‘ratings’ > ‘manage’ where they will be displayed together with the webshop review.

Product Reviews: WordPress

If you have installed the Trustprofile plugin for WooCommerce, you will find the configuration options under Settings> Trustprofile, it is important that in order to use Product Reviews there is no check mark next to the option “Do not send my order information to Trustprofile”

Now customers will be given the opportunity to review ordered products as part of the normal review process. Orders that have been placed before having installed and activated product reviews will not receive the option to place a product review. You can see which customers are also given the option to leave a product review in your dashboard under ‘Invitations’ > ‘Sent’. With the invitations with a shopping bag and the text “Contains x product (s)”, the option to post a product review is available. Note that leaving a product review is optional, so not every customer will review (all) their products.

Displaying product reviews on your WP site:

After product reviews are gathered, they should generally appear on the product page on your webshop. However, sometimes your webshop theme can prevent this from happening or alter the way these reviews are shown. Sadly, there is nothing we can do in this situation as it is bound to the theme you use for your webshop.

GTIN in WordPress:

WooCommerce does not have a standard field for GTIN / EAN codes, there are numerous plugins in circulation that each use their own field for storing GTIN / EAN codes. That is why you have the GTIN / EAN key setting in the Plugin settings of WebwinkelKeur under Product reviews to select the correct field. We automatically detect the correct field for frequently used plugins.
Are you unsure whether the correct information is being passed on? You will find the information we know about the product under Reviews> Product reviews in your Trustprofile dashboard.

Don’t have a plugin for GTIN / EAN? Our module adds a field to your products that you may be able to use to fill in a GTIN code, this process isn’t automated however. You can add a GTIN number by editing a product in WordPress and navigating to Product data – Inventory.

Product reviews and a Google Feed

When your first product reviews have arrived and are visible in your dashboard, you can create a feed. The review data in a feed for product reviews is linked to products based on several factors. Worldwide Unique product IDs such as GTINs (global trade item number) are the most important for this. If no GTIN data is available, Google will try to match reviews based on other metadata, such as SKU, product URLs, and brand and MPN (manufacturer part number) combinations. These IDs usually do not provide a good link. This means that without a GTIN, you may not see star ratings next to the products you offer.

You can find the feed in your dashboard

It is therefor important to give the GTIN a logical place in your product information so that our plugin can easily find it. How this is best done differs per type of webshop software you run. Some software offers a place to enter your GTIN per product, for others you may have to rely on our Trustprofile module/app or a different plugin. We suggest you check out the product review FAQ page of the software you use for more information.

Note: GTIN codes are not needed to enjoy product reviews, they merely improve results in Google.

Integración Magento 2

¿Un TrustProfile y un sistema de valoraciones para tu tienda online Magento 2?

Magento review integration

El módulo Magento 2 proporciona una integración simple de TrustProfile con tu tienda online. Esto facilita la Integración Javascript de TrustProfile con tu tienda online TrustProfile webshop y el envío de un correo automático a tus clientes para que dejen su valoración. Con cada pedido, se enviará una invitación automática a al cliente para que comparta su experiencia. Gracias a las valoraciones puedes aumentar la confianza y conversión de tu tienda online.


Muestra la barra lateral y envía invitaciones para dar valoraciones

La instalación es fácil mediante Magento Marketplace. Añade la extensión TrustProfile_Magento2 a tu cuenta Magento 2 desde el Magento Marketplace.

  1. Se recomienda realizar una copia de seguridad antes de instalar el módulo.
  2. En el Command Line Input (CLI) ve a tu directorio de proyectos de Magento.
  3. Actualiza composer.json con composer require trustprofile/magento2 –no-update
  4. Después, ejecuta composer update.
  5. Cuando la actualización se haya completado, pincha en bin/magento setup:upgrade.
  6. Comprueba que la actualización se ha instalado con bin/magento module:status TrustProfile_Magento2
  7. Habilita la siguiente extensión: bin/magento module:enable TrustProfile_Magento2
  8. Desde tu cuenta, dirígete a «Tiendas» > «Configuración» > «TRUSTPROFILE».
  9. Inserta el número de identificación y la clave API de tu tienda online. Ambos valores pueden encontrarse al iniciar sesión desde la página de inicio de TrustProfile. Para ello, pincha en la pestaña «Instalación» > «Seleccionar software» > elige «Magento 2».
  10. Configura el módulo de acuerdo a tus propios requisitos.

Pruebe tu tienda online después de la instalación y asegúrate de que no haya conflictos con otros códigos (javascript). Al menos, haz un pedido de prueba para comprobarlo. ¿Envías invitaciones automáticamente? Comprueba en tu panel de TrustProfile en «Administrar invitaciones» que no hay mensajes de error y que las invitaciones se envían correctamente.

Prueba tu tienda online después de la instalación y asegúrate de que no haya conflictos con otros códigos (javascript). Al menos, haz un pedido de prueba para comprobarlo. ¿Envías invitaciones automáticamente? Desde «Administrar invitaciones» en tu panel de TrustProfile  puedes comprobar que no haya mensajes de error y que las invitaciones se envíen correctamente.

Se pueden realizar más ajustes -incluyendo la visualización de la barra lateral o el contenido de las solicitudes de valoraciones- desde el panel de configuración de TrustProfile.

Integra otros widgets TrustProfile

Para colocar tu logo o widget de valoraciones en tu tienda online PrestaShop puedes añadir una parte de  HTML. Encontrarás el código HTML en tu panel de configuración TrustProfile > Promoción > Widget o Banner.

Integrar trustprofile con opiniones de google mybsiness

En la web ponéis que se pueden mostrar las opiniones de google en el cajón de trust profile. ¿Cómo se puede hacer? ¿De esa manera sería suficiente con que los clientes hiciesen la reseña en la ficha de google para que también hapareciese en el widget vuestro que tenemos integrado en la web?

Problema en envios desde Woocommerce

Hola, quería informar que cuando formalizamos un pedido completado en Woocommerce, nos sale el siguiente mensaje…

La invitación de TrustProfile no ha podido ser enviada. Incorrect authentication credentials.

Esto por que es? Gracias

Un saludo


Rating no puntuado

Respondiendo a su mensaje, les informo que mi tienda es:

Y la opinión que no se ve reflejada en la web, es la siguiente…

Ana Maria