CCV Shop integration

Trust profile & reviews for your CCV Shop?


With the TrustProfile integration you can collect reviews in no time and display them easily with our interactive displays. With the TrustProfile sidebar for example, you can display the collected reviews without the visitor having to leave your shop.

For all TrustProfile users the CCV Shop module automatically invites customers to share their customer experience. With each completed order, an invitation is automatically sent to the customer inviting him to share his customer review. This is how you increase the trust and conversion of your webshop.

CCV Shop show sidebar and send review invites

Installing TrustProfile and collecting reviews on CCV Shop is easy. This can be done in 2 steps. First activate the CCV Shop module and then place the HTML codes for the widget and the banners.

Activate the CCV Shop module
1. First you claim your TrustProfile account.
2. Login to your CCV Shop webshop.
3. Go to the App Store and install the TrustProfile app.
4. Select your shop. Fill in your personal shop ID + API code. Which are available in our dashboard in the installation menu.
5. Configure the module to your own preferences.

Send review invitation


I would like to send an email to some customers (after we close a support case) with an invitation to review us on

Is it possible to include a link in such an email to the review form? How can I do this?



What you need to know about Rich Snippets and how to get them

What are Rich Snippets?

It used to be so that you could get stars displayed in Google results by simply adding a piece of code to your webshop.  This piece of code is called a “Rich Snippet”. Rich snippets aren’t just for stars, there are rich snippets for all kinds of things. Think of events, products, company information, reviews, etc. The purpose of Google with rich snippets is to supplement the subject of a specific page in an accessible way for search engines. You can provide a product page with information about the product such as the price and stock of the product. This information is then displayed in the search results.

(For example: a website with cooking recipes can provide the page with the preparation time of a recipe and how other visitors rated the recipe by means of a rich snippet. The rich snippets are therefore specifically intended to provide the subject of a relevant page with additional information.)

Is it still useful to put a rich snippet code on my webshop?

Absolutely! While you won’t get any more stars from it in Google, it still has some use. With rich snippets other search engines, such as Bing, can still index the stars and you help Google understand where to find reviews about your company. This allows you to still get stars in other places such as in the ‘Google Business’ results that often appear when you search for your company name.

So, by activating the option “rich snippets via the TrustProfile sidebar” (explained below), review information is structurally transmitted to search engines such as Google. Google just no longer uses this information for star display. It remains useful to activate this option, as other search engines can still display stars and Google can use the information within its algorithm!

When will stars still appear in the search results?

There are still possibilities to get stars in the search results, but the stars must really be about the subject of the page. For example, if you have collected reviews for a certain product and display them on your website, this product still has a chance* of stars. The member page at TrustProfile will also continue to display stars in the search results, because we display reviews about you on one of our sites.

(heavily dependant on algorithms from Google*)

How do you get the rich snippets on your webshop?

You can easily activate the rich snippets via the Sidebar / Javascript integration. If you already have the sidebar active, you can easily activate the rich snippet integration with the following steps:

  • Login to the dashboard with your personal login
  • Click Promotion in the menu and choose Sidebar
  • Find the heading ”RICH SNIPPET VIA JSON-LD” and check the box “Enable rich snippet”
  • Click on Save

The rich snippet code is now active. On pages again our rich snippet code can conflict with, for example, the rich snippet code of your product reviews, our rich snippet code is not loaded.

Conflicting Code Detection

You do not have to worry that our sidebar will cause conflicts with, for example, product reviews on a product page. The sidebar itself automatically detects whether there is already a conflicting code on the page. If that is the case, the sidebar will not load rich snippet code and the code already present on your webshop is leading.

Alternatives to installation

An alternative is to place the rich snippets via one of our modules. For example, you can activate the rich snippet code via our TrustProfile modules for Magento, Opencart, Prestashop, WordPress and Shop page via our module and it will then appear on your webshop with an HTML code.

If for some reason you do not want to use our sidebar or modules, you can also place the rich snippet code manually via HTML. Although we advise against this method, you will find the correct HTML code in the TrustProfile dashboard. We do not recommend this method, because every time you get a review the static HTML code becomes outdated and you have to periodically update it manually.



Test the correct placement of the Rich Snippet code

To test the correct operation you can use the Rich Results test from Google.

1. Enter the URL of the page you want to test (for example or in the “URL” field.
2. Click on “TEST URL”
3. When you see green text with a green check mark (Page is eligible for rich results), everything is set correctly.


Error al validar empresa

Hola. he intentado validar una empresa y me da un error der servidor al finalizar. Que puedo hacer?

Magento 2 integration

A TrustProfile and review system for your Magento 2 webshop?

Magento review integration

The Magento 2 module provides a simple integration of TrustProfile within your webshop. This makes it very easy to integrate the innovative TrustProfile Javascript Integration into your TrustProfile webshop and send your customers an automatic e-mail invitation to leave a review. With each completed order, an invitation is automatically sent to the customer inviting him to share his experience. With reviews you increase the trust and conversion of your webshop.


Show sidebar and send review invites

Installation is easy via Magento Marketplace. Add the TrustProfile_Magento2 extension to your Magento 2 account from the Magento Marketplace.

  1. It is advisable to make a backup before installing the module.
  2. On the Command Line Input (CLI) navigate to your Magento project directory.
  3. Update your composer.json with composer require trustprofile/magento2 --no-update
  4. Then run composer update.
  5. When the update is complete, then run bin/magento setup:upgrade.
  6. Verify that the update is installed with bin/magento module:status TrustProfile_Magento2
  7. Enable the following extension: bin/magento module:enable TrustProfile_Magento2
  8. Within your dashboard, navigate to “Stores” > “Configuration” > “TRUSTPROFILE”.
  9. Enter your webshop ID and API key. The values for the two fields can be found by logging in within the TrustProfile dashboard. To do this, go to the ‘Installation’ tab > ‘Select software’ > choose ‘Magento 2’.
  10. Configure the module to your own requirements.

Test your webshop after installation and make sure there are no conflicts with other (javascript) codes. At least place a test order to check it. Do you automatically send invitations? Check your TrustProfile dashboard under “Manage invitations” if there are no error messages and if invitations are sent correctly.

More settings including the display of the sidebar or the content of the review requests can be configured via the TrustProfile dashboard.

Integrate other TrustProfile widgets

In order to place our logo and/or review widget on your PrestaShop webshop a piece of HTML can be added. The HTML code you will find in your TrustProfile dashboard > Promotion > Widget or Banner.

Portuguese language

I was trying to implement your service but I go to a part that I had to choose a language and Portuguese was not an option so I couldn’t go forward. What should we do if our main language is not available with trustprofile? Should we give up or do you have a solution?



i’ve been browsing your web for quite a bit but i cant manage to find the annual price of your trust seal. To be honest is quite paradoxical that the price is not clearly stated when we are talking about trust across the website. Is there any reason for this ?

Could you help me with that please ?

Best Regards,


Hello from babykidds!

Hello! We have just registered on your platform, we like it more than the one we currently have since it has a more current image and is much more complete, we have more than 2,000 opinions collected during these 7 years, how can we import them?

Thank you!

Accents in customer reviews in HTML

Good afternoon, After switching from Evalor to Trustprofile, the accents in the customer reviews page are released in html code. Please, can you solve this? Thank you

eValor is being replaced by TrustProfile!

Barcelona, 12-10-2020 – Today the online trust sell of eValor is being integrated into TrustProfile. The goal of TrustProfile, like eValor, is to show to customers if an online entrepreneur is trustworthy. Besides their own automated checks and customer review system, they combine other available trust sources into one profile. This combined profile is a very strong item for a client to asses if they can purchase safely from that webshop.

Trustprofile is the initiative of WebwinkelKeur. WebwinkelKeur has been active for 10 years in the Dutch market, and they are the biggest trust sell in The Netherlands. This company aims to bring their experience, development power and international ambitions into the Spanish market.

If a shop is approved by Confianza Online and/or Trusted Shops, those trust sells will be presented on the profile to the consumers. As for consumer reviews, Trustprofile presents the rating at Google Places, Facebook, Trustivity, Trusted Shops and Trustpilot; besides the reviews that are gathered by the system of Trustprofile itself.

An online entrepreneur can prove that the contact information presented on its Trustprofile is correct. Trustprofile will send verification codes to their address, telephone and e-mail address. If a green check mark is shown, the consumer can be sure that the presented address actually belongs to that webshop.

TrustProfile has very affordable prices for any kind of businesses and it is an excellent option specially for small and medium companies. This platform is also a great idea for Spanish websites who want to become more international and sell across their borders. In addition to Spanish, TrustProfile is also available in English, French, Italian, Dutch and German.